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Biometric door access control device and access security system

 Biometric door access control device and access security system

Timevision is one of the leading biometric door access control device installer in Dubai. We provide effective door access device with effective software. Door access control device widely used in offices security purpose areas. Biometric door access control device installed for security purpose unauthorized person not allowed the security courage areas.

Biometric door access controller device easily control the security environment area. Easily who can access the particular security environment and who can’t access the environment with access control device.

Biometric door access control device can be operated by magnetic lock face recognition, fingerprint, card reader, bell and exit button. Access control reader for the entrance and exit area. For exit and push button used for the visitors who can press the bell button for the door access. It can be control through the remote from reception desk.

Magnetic clock used through 12 volts DC current power supply and device magnetic lock connected to the same power. Recorder having three type of  option identify face, figure, card and password.

Biometric access control system can control the specific doors through controller based system for single door standard system is used. It can easily control the more than one doors with one biometric device. Employee entrance easily control the specific time and specific areas. Bio metric door access controller it can easily control the door access effectively and more than one door with control the specific range like us time, date and specific employees.

Timevision suggest a suitable door access controller for client requirement. Lot of access door device are available in market but we suggest effective specific device for site condition. Timevision more than 10 years’ experience in door access control device installation field various site conditions.

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