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Benefits of multi-location Attendance Management System

In today’s economy we can’t deny that Work force is the largest expense incurred by any Organization. To manage & control the workforce cost across multi branch one best tool available in the market is attendance management software. By Implementing this Multi- Location Attendance Software Simply customize / centralize and ensure data consistency across the organization. Time sheet Management & Attendance Monitoring System integrates more powerful features (Shift timing, overtime annual leave) that is easy to handle with a single click. Reliable Accuracy Manual reporting of work hours has a lot of issues and using Electronic attendance systems collects data in real-time and allows to provide enhanced views of the organization’s key performance indicators, including hours and wages, employee counts and scheduled/working status. Save Time Self-review of the attendance status by employees allows them to check their worked hours, requested time off and saves HR departments time fro…

Choose The Right Time and Attendance Software for Your Business

If you are on the lookout for an efficient and useful Time and Attendance Software, you’ll find innumerable offerings by various companies. Consider a provider able to develop a custom software solution and provide good after sales support. Choose from a provider with a reputation for good customer support, with the product offering value addition and software stability.
Our Time Vision software solution is capable of simplifying the time & attendance process. It is a web & mobile based enterprise grade employee attendance software that can benefit through seamless integration with third party applications. It can be customized to get extensive list of reports with various filtering options. Contact us with your unique needs.

Adapting a RFID Attendance System Can Reduce Problems at the Workplace

The market offers many solutions for access control, but hardly any can match the benefits of the RFID integrated attendance software system. Controlling and restricting entry of workforce, or people, to the workplace is a necessity, especially in terms of safety and security. Methods of access include entering of PIN codes or using access cards. However, both are vulnerable for various reasons. Time and attendance systems have been developed to effectively support a system to control access of identified persons, or to restrict certain areas for some, or to limit entry for certain hours, or a combination of these settings. However, in this scenario a RFID attendance system can offer the right solution for attendance tracking. Advantages of a RFID Attendance System Quick to record attendance, is contactless and with simultaneous operation capability.The system does not require a computer and a standalone device can do the job, needing only a small space.It can prevent a buddy punching …

Complete IT setup for your office - Time Visions

Complete IT setup for your office Setting up a new office or moving from one office to another is a painstaking exercise. In absence of an IT department it even becomes more cumbersome to handle. We at Time Vision understand the problem and hence offer a unique service for setting up your workplace. Whether it’s a new setup or you want to shift your office, once you engage us, we take full responsibility and charge of all IT related details required in the new office including supply and installation of Cabling infrastructure for Data, Phone & WirelessPhone Systems (Digital or IP)ServersAccess Control Systems CCTVPrintersDesktops and LaptopsTime & Attendance Systems

With a project manager associated to your project you can always be in control and have all IT related work addressed through one channel instead of engaging multiple vendors. We also offer a zero down time migration facility in which your staff can move out of the old office and move into the new one without having l…

Time attendance System benefits - Time Vision Security Systems

Biometric System Benefits LOWER COSTSReduce your cost of getting attendance marked ENCOURAGE TRANSPARENCYFace or fingerprint detection allows a transparent & accountable approach towards attendance AVOID QUEUEUp to 100 employees can mark their attendance in less than 5 minutes DIGITAL DATAGet all the attendance data in electronic format to process it directly