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Centralized system anywhere by their web browser - Time Vision Security Systems

Centralized system anywhere by their web browser
Users can access the centralized system anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage ‧ Web-Based Time Attendance Software ‧ Simple Access Control Module ‧ Payroll Management and WPS Report ‧ Multi-Level Approvals and Automatic E-mail Alerts ‧ Employee Self-Service ‧ Multiple Admin Privilege ‧ Flexible Shift Scheduling and Auto Shift ‧ Attendance Calculation & Reports
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Steps To Protect Your Home - Time Vision Security Systems

Steps To Protect Your Home Identify the potential areas in your house to where you are planning to install security cameras. You really need to focus on areas where you want to watch or let us just say those areas where people are used to stay. Once you know these areas, have this one in your mind and check whether there are things that block the view so you can get a good coverage. Here are some places that you have to consider to where it is best to install cameras. Outside the house PorchFront DoorBack doorAlley ways

Inside the house Living RoomKitchenDining AreaStairwaysInfant Room

Above are just some examples to where it is best to place or install your security cameras. These can also depend on what type of house your living in, how spacious your place is, and many more. To learn more about Time Vision features visit our website CONTACTS Email :
Phone : +97142653510
Visit : we're happy to reply to emails, don't hesitate to contac…

CCTV MAINTENANCE - Time Vision Security Systems

Of course, to ensure that your CCTV system is working optimally, you’ll need to conduct timely maintenance. You’ll need to verify a few things as it pertains to the system’s camera and housing, wiring and cables, and control equipment. CAMERA & HOUSING
For the system’s camera and housing, verify the following: Camera/lens focus and auto iris is adjusted properly.Camera field of view is adjusted to customer’s requirements.Camera/housing viewing window is clean, inside and out.Camera lens is dust free.Interior of camera enclosure is clean and dry.Check operation of pan tilt and zoom focus. Use controller in control room to check all these operations.WIRING & CABLES

For the system’s wiring and cables, verify the following: Check wiring and cable harnesses for wear and fray.Check to make sure cable is dressed properly.Check connectors and cable entry points for loose wiring.Check that the coaxial cable is transmitting an adequate video signal to control room. Signal sh…

Maintaining your security camera - Time Vision Security Systems

Maintaining your security camera
CCTVs or closed circuit televisions are excellent solution to protect your business. It is used to deter crime and other activities that will highly affect your business. When you already have security cameras installed in your home or business, you don’t have to think about other things especially you are already secured. You will not worry about thefts, drive offs, break ins, and such because all these things are caught up by your CCTV. In order to ensure good protection and maximum performance, you will need to have time to check your security cameras regularly. Here are some tips 1)Check your camera lenses.
2)Check area for some blockage to your camera.
3)Double check the wirings for some corrosion.
4)Dust off your Video Recorder.
Check housing of the camera.
Review recordings regularly.
Check your Hard Drive regularly.
Consult cameras to your license electricians. Those mentioned above are the things you need to do in order to maintain and ensure your c…

Best practices for effective time and attendance monitoring software

Time and attendance monitoring is significant for companies to save the time spent on tedious administrative tasks as well ensure business’s productivity. Effective Time and Attendance monitoring can help you cut your labour costs and boost up your revenue. Listed are few best practices organisation must adopt for effective Employee Time and Attendance process. 1)Get rid of Manual Time and Attendance System
2)Install an Attendance Software and make your process easy
3)Ensure that software easily integrate with other applications
4)Data security Contact us to get a feature-rich Automated Time Attendance software. Email :
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Visit : we're happy to reply to emails, don't hesitate to contact us! EMAIL :|+97142653510