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Best Home Camera for you

  CCTV cameras are widely used in residential home now a days. These camera are used to monitoring your home day and night inside and outside. When easily alert some one entry the houses. These smart CCTV cameras are easily forward the video with your mobile phone. It can easily watch your home live videos as well as specific region of your home. You can see what happening in your home and also watch previously what happened. Best CCTV cameras for your home Indoor and Outdoor   following blog continually reading… Nowadays lot CCTV camera brand are available in market. Basically CCTV cameras are varied based on the camera specification and quality of lenses. We suggest our valuable customer correct specification cameras based on customer requirement some case CCTV cameras totally varying from site situation client requirement so timevision provide free site visit and suggest suitable cameras for our client DS-2CD1123G0-I 2 MP Fixed Dome Network Camera (Indoor Camera) High q

What are an IR Cameras (Infrared Security Cameras)

  ·         Security cameras are widely used in capture the videos day and night times. Cameras are basically differed from the quality of the camera lenses and lighting quality. Infrared led security camera used to low light or no light video/image capturing.IR cameras video and image are clearly and quality compare with normal cameras this type of camera especially design to no light or low light conditions. ·         Most of the IR cameras available in market. These types of cameras widely used in dual purpose first one is day time video or image capturing and another one is night time or darkness time (based on weather condition) video capturing with efficient quality and sufficient light. ·         SIRA – Security Industry Regulation Authority of Dubai strongly recommended the IR cameras are used in residential and commercial projects. Different between day and night time cameras and IR (Infrared Cameras) ·         Both cameras are not same. Day night cameras are captur

CCTV Annual Maintenance Contract

  Timevisions provide CCTV Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). We provide quarterly or monthly visit the customer site and make ensure the proper CCTV recording and clean the camera lenses and we ensure the monitor recorders 24X7 maximum dates of recorders and we ensure the power of CCTV and Digital Video Recorder(DVR). To prevent any kind of miss uses. CCTV Annual Maintenance Is Important One Fine dust particle are directly deposite to the cameras lesnses. These type of dust and fine particle directly affected the cameras lenses at same time reduces lenses quality. Another important factors are change the climate condition like humidity and sand storm. Some times heavy storm directly affect the bullet camera positions so we strong recommended Annual Maintenance System as per SIRA LAW for our valuable customer Timevisions CCTV Cameras Maintenance Check List CCTV Cameras ·         Cameras lenses cleaning include camera system ·         To ensure the correct view of field (FO

Biopro sa40 time attendance system - Timevision

  BioPro SA40 is an ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and Wi-Fi, which offers unparalleled performance with an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision, and excellent matching speed. BioPro SA40 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. BioPro SA40 provides a superior touching experience with touch keypad and offers flexibility for standalone installation or with any third-party access control panel that supports standard wiegand signal. TCP/IP, RS485, and Wi-Fi are also available that the device can be used in different networks. 2.4-inch TFT color screen and Touch keys Ultra thin and elegant design Full Access Control Features: Anti-passback, access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm Standard Wi-Fi Network interface by TCP/IP or RS4

IT Solution Company

  Timevisions is the one leading IT solution provider company in Dubai. We have fully experience in the field and we suggest suitable device for customer requirements. Routers POE switches (Gigabit POE-switch) All in one pc and service Printers Access points (WIFI) Firewalls Layer2 and Layer3 switches Routers                                                   A router is a device that connects two or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks. It serves two primary functions: managing traffic between these networks by forwarding to their intended  IP address and allowing multiple devices to use the same Internet connection. POE switches (Gigabit POE-switch) POE switch allows compatible devices to work in places where power outlets or network connections don't exist. This primary function of PoE can save businesses on the costs of installing electrical and network wiring while still having edge devices work where they are needed.   Firewalls A Firewall i