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Structure Cabling Installation Company in Dubai-Timevision

  Structure cabling is the end-to-end connectivity. Which connects the network through PCs and network switches. The speeds depend upon the cable’s category. Most probably cat 6 cables were used for the structure cabling at the termination point it provided 100 mega bites per second speed. Cat 6 ethernet cable consists of 4 twists of copper wire and 250 MHZ of bandwidth. Major Components are included in structure cabling 1)     Cat-6 cable 2)     Keystone Jacks 3)     Faceplates 4)     Patch panel 5)     Cable dressing 6)     Cable arrangement 7)     Cable labeling 8)     Fluke testing Cat-6 cable Cat-6 cable 305 meters in one box, the maximum data transfer speed drops to approximately 1 Gbps. They are up-to-spec for applications with substantial data transfer needs, these types of cables are widely used in smart homes, schools, residential, and commercial buildings. Networking setups and data centers. Cat6 cables are now the global standard for Ethernet cables.

Security System Installation

  Generally, security systems work on the simple concept of securing entry points into residential and commercial areas. The sensors are typically placed in entry points like doors and windows. Security systems ensure your property as well as safety purposes. The security system included the following contents 1)Control panel 2)Door and window sensor 3)Motion sensors used interior and exterior 1)Control panel The control panel is the installed component that is mainly used in communicating the signal. The control panel is easy to program and interact with. Most of the features included a touchpad for easy programming and interaction. 2)Door and window sensor Door and window sensors are two parts of the security system. One part is installed in the door or window, and another part is installed on the frame of the door and window these parts are connected to the security circuits. Sensors are communicating the reporting that the point. 3)Motion sensors used interior and e

Working Principle of Gate Barrier System

  Gate Barrier is also called parking barrier system. Generally used in allow or block the vehicular in parking area of residential or commercial building. Generally used this system installed in parking areas, checkpoints, entrance to restrict areas and control passage through toll booths. Components of Gate System                  1)Barrier Beam or Arm 2)Motor 3)Sensor 4)Keypad or Remote 5)Gear Unit 1)Barrier Beam or Arm Maximum we can fix 6 meters. Normally used in 3 meters beam are used. Beams are made by Aluminum, because of low weight. Now a days Gate Barrier comes with LED Strips, it will be very useful to know the moment of beam on night time.   2)Motor Now a days gate barrier comes with two kinds of motors. (AC & DC Motors) Ac motors operated by Ac power supply with 230V. Ac motor should has capacitor to run. Dc motors operated by Dc power supply with 24V or 34V. Doesn’t need capacitor to run. 3)Sensor There are two types of sensors used in Ga

CCTV Cameras Installation Important One

  CCTV Cameras Installation Important One Security point of view, CCTV cameras installation are now extremely important in places like homes, offices, and farmhouses, residential and commercial places. Easily watch what happening in the fields People who reside somewhere other than their homes should pay special attention to this. CCTV camera is one of most important security tool. Previously only used in commercial area but now days widely used in residential and commercial areas. You can watch in live video of CCTV footage in your smart phone or laptops. Technology Various type of   CCTV cameras available in market. It is differ from the based on specification and used technology. security, CCTV cameras types, including IP, digital, analog, infrared, day-and-night, and PTZ, are readily available on the market today. It's crucial to remember that while going with a CCTV Camera, the camera should be able to rotate 360 degrees and record video. Benefits of CCTV Installatio