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What are an IR Cameras (Infrared Security Cameras)


·        Security cameras are widely used in capture the videos day and night times. Cameras are basically differed from the quality of the camera lenses and lighting quality. Infrared led security camera used to low light or no light video/image capturing.IR cameras video and image are clearly and quality compare with normal cameras this type of camera especially design to no light or low light conditions.

·        Most of the IR cameras available in market. These types of cameras widely used in dual purpose first one is day time video or image capturing and another one is night time or darkness time (based on weather condition) video capturing with efficient quality and sufficient light.

·        SIRA – Security Industry Regulation Authority of Dubai strongly recommended the IR cameras are used in residential and commercial projects.

Different between day and night time cameras and IR (Infrared Cameras)

·        Both cameras are not same. Day night cameras are capture the color video/image even low light. But IR cameras (infrared survey LED camera light) capture the video /image in the case of darkness or low light, even day and night time

·        Following tables are briefly explained about environmental light condition situation and light levels are calculate Lux unit.

Natural light condition

Typical Lux (intensity of light unit)

Direct sun light

32000 above

Ambient day light

10000 above

Overcast day light


Sunset & Sunrise


Clear light



·        IR cameras are mostly capture the videos and photos in 0.01 lux (darkness level)

·        Today most day/night cameras models available in the market with IR cameras.


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